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A compact hinge motor uses novel gearing to produce high output torque, protected from overload, in a diameter as small as 8 mm.

A primary target application is improved finger motion in prothesis limbs and robotic hands. Other miniature embodiments could replace a control surface hinge, servo and pushrod in model aircraft or steering and rudder in cars and boats. Larger embodiments could be used in home automation to replace door hinges. Still larger embodiments could have industrial applications reducing cost by replacing hydraulically actuated joints.

RiceMotion is seeking partners to help prototype and effect manufacture of the devices. To preserve patentability of the gearing system, details of the operation are not disclosed by this website. However, interested parties can obtain full disclosure of the pending patent application by entering into a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” with the inventor.Protection from mechanical overload is provided by slip clutches.

Preferred manufacturing techniques are precision lathe or  injection molded Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG).

Compact Geared Motor

Specialized continuous travel embodiment. Here a 20 tooth MXL (0.08") pitch synchronous pulley is illustrated.

For more detail on this product design please download, sign and return my confidentiality agreement below. Notes: This is adapted from a standard NDA that I downloaded from the internet. The Apple Preview application can digitally sign a PDF document to avoid paper handling, postal delay and cost.

Confidentiality Agreement

General Purpose Axial Output Motor


     Mechanical Speed Reduction Ratio of either 64:1 or 256:1;

     Measures only 8 mm in diameter and 11 mm in length;

     Machineable by precision lathe;

     Efficient 3-phase PM motor can be driven by the new TI DRV10964 (3mm square);

     Soldered or laser welded assembly.

Limited travel embodiment


     Measures 8 mm diameter, length 10.5 mm;

     Laptop mounting screws are 1.2mm by 2mm #0 phillips and insert from either top or bottom.

     Lightweight injection molded metallic glass is about twice as hard as stainless steel yet three times more flexible;

     Highly corrosion resistant material is implantable for medical use;

     Internal spring metal seal provides water resistant enclosure;

     A slip clutch prevents damage from overload;

     Speed and torque are anticipated to rival that of natural muscle and tendon;

     Gearing has wear compensation to maintain zero backlash;

     Efficient 3-phase PM motor can be driven by the new TI DRV10964 (3mm square);

     Laser welded assembly will produce nearly invisible seams.

Please contact me if you could have an application for this device or can think of other applications. I have designed for robotic and prothesis fingers, possibly implantable. Other applications I have in mind are model control surface hinge and drone lightweight servo replacment. Additional applications could help to secure funding for prototype development.